New laws take effect friday

Published by <>  on June 30, 2005

Ban the boom

.. What it does: One provision in a much larger highway safety bill makes it
easier to crack down on loud car stereos. Now, police will be able to ticket
offenders whose stereo system can be heard 25 feet away from a car. It used
to be 100 feet.

Booming stereos are frequently cited in Fort Myers. Shelly Flynn,
spokeswoman for the Fort Myers Police Department, said in the last 12 months
there have been 553 citations for too-loud tunes.

.. What you should know: The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
is still determining rules to define what constitutes "plainly audible" and
how police officers should measure it.

Flynn said the more stringent sound limits probably won't mean more tickets.
"People who have loud stereos have loud stereos. If it's so loud you can
hear it at 25 feet, it's still loud."

If you get busted, it's a non-criminal traffic infraction, punished as a
nonmoving violation.